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eye in speech bubble :eye_in_speech_bubble: 👁🗨 ---
heart with arrow :cupid: 💘
heavy black heart :heart:
beating heart :heartbeat: 💓
broken heart :broken_heart: 💔
two hearts :two_hearts: 💕
sparkling heart :sparkling_heart: 💖
growing heart :heartpulse: 💗
blue heart :blue_heart: 💙
green heart :green_heart: 💚
yellow heart :yellow_heart: 💛
purple heart :purple_heart: 💜
black heart :black_heart: 🖤 --
heart with ribbon :gift_heart: 💝
revolving hearts :revolving_hearts: 💞
heart decoration :heart_decoration: 💟
heavy heart exclamation mark ornament :heart_exclamation: --
anger symbol :anger: 💢
collision symbol :boom: 💥
dizzy symbol :dizzy: 💫
speech balloon :speech_balloon: 💬
left speech bubble :speech_left: 🗨 -
right anger bubble :anger_right: 🗯 -
thought balloon :thought_balloon: 💭
white flower :white_flower: 💮
globe with meridians :globe_with_meridians: 🌐
hot springs :hotsprings:
octagonal sign :octagonal_sign: 🛑 --
clock face twelve oclock :clock12: 🕛
clock face twelve-thirty :clock1230: 🕧
clock face one oclock :clock1: 🕐
clock face one-thirty :clock130: 🕜
clock face two oclock :clock2: 🕑
clock face two-thirty :clock230: 🕝
clock face three oclock :clock3: 🕒
clock face three-thirty :clock330: 🕞
clock face four oclock :clock4: 🕓
clock face four-thirty :clock430: 🕟
clock face five oclock :clock5: 🕔 -
clock face five-thirty :clock530: 🕠
clock face six oclock :clock6: 🕕
clock face six-thirty :clock630: 🕡
clock face seven oclock :clock7: 🕖
clock face seven-thirty :clock730: 🕢 -
clock face eight oclock :clock8: 🕗 -
clock face eight-thirty :clock830: 🕣 -
clock face nine oclock :clock9: 🕘 -
clock face nine-thirty :clock930: 🕤 -
clock face ten oclock :clock10: 🕙 -
clock face ten-thirty :clock1030: 🕥 -
clock face eleven oclock :clock11: 🕚 -
clock face eleven-thirty :clock1130: 🕦 -
cyclone :cyclone: 🌀
black spade suit :spades:
black heart suit :hearts: -
black diamond suit :diamonds:
black club suit :clubs:
playing card black joker :black_joker: 🃏
mahjong tile red dragon :mahjong: 🀄
flower playing cards :flower_playing_cards: 🎴
speaker with cancellation stroke :mute: 🔇
speaker :speaker: 🔈
speaker with one sound wave :sound: 🔉
speaker with three sound waves :loud_sound: 🔊
public address loudspeaker :loudspeaker: 📢
cheering megaphone :mega: 📣
bell :bell: 🔔
bell with cancellation stroke :no_bell: 🔕
musical note :musical_note: 🎵
multiple musical notes :notes: 🎶
chart with upwards trend and yen sign :chart: 💹
currency exchange :currency_exchange: 💱
heavy dollar sign :heavy_dollar_sign: 💲
automated teller machine :atm: 🏧
put litter in its place symbol :put_litter_in_its_place: 🚮
potable water symbol :potable_water: 🚰
wheelchair symbol :wheelchair:
mens symbol :mens: 🚹
womens symbol :womens: 🚺
restroom :restroom: 🚻
baby symbol :baby_symbol: 🚼
water closet :wc: 🚾
passport control :passport_control: 🛂
customs :customs: 🛃
baggage claim :baggage_claim: 🛄
left luggage :left_luggage: 🛅
warning sign :warning:
children crossing :children_crossing: 🚸
no entry :no_entry:
no entry sign :no_entry_sign: 🚫
no bicycles :no_bicycles: 🚳
no smoking symbol :no_smoking: 🚭
do not litter symbol :do_not_litter: 🚯
non-potable water symbol :non-potable_water: 🚱
no pedestrians :no_pedestrians: 🚷
no mobile phones :no_mobile_phones: 📵
no one under eighteen symbol :underage: 🔞
radioactive sign :radioactive: --
biohazard sign :biohazard: --
upwards black arrow :arrow_up: -
north east arrow :arrow_upper_right:
black rightwards arrow :arrow_right:
south east arrow :arrow_lower_right:
downwards black arrow :arrow_down: -
south west arrow :arrow_lower_left: -
leftwards black arrow :arrow_left:
north west arrow :arrow_upper_left:
up down arrow :arrow_up_down:
left right arrow :left_right_arrow:
leftwards arrow with hook :leftwards_arrow_with_hook:
rightwards arrow with hook :arrow_right_hook:
arrow pointing rightwards then curving upwards :arrow_heading_up:
arrow pointing rightwards then curving downwards :arrow_heading_down:
clockwise downwards and upwards open circle arrows :arrows_clockwise: 🔃
anticlockwise downwards and upwards open circle arrows :arrows_counterclockwise: 🔄
back with leftwards arrow above :back: 🔙
end with leftwards arrow above :end: 🔚
on with exclamation mark with left right arrow abo :on: 🔛
soon with rightwards arrow above :soon: 🔜
top with upwards arrow above :top: 🔝
place of worship :place_of_worship: 🛐 --
atom symbol :atom: --
om symbol :om_symbol: 🕉
star of david :star_of_david: --
wheel of dharma :wheel_of_dharma: --
yin yang :yin_yang: --
latin cross :cross: --
orthodox cross :orthodox_cross: --
star and crescent :star_and_crescent: --
peace symbol :peace: --
menorah with nine branches :menorah: 🕎 --
six pointed star with middle dot :six_pointed_star: 🔯
aries :aries:
taurus :taurus:
gemini :gemini:
cancer :cancer:
leo :leo:
virgo :virgo:
libra :libra:
scorpius :scorpius:
sagittarius :sagittarius:
capricorn :capricorn:
aquarius :aquarius:
pisces :pisces:
ophiuchus :ophiuchus:
twisted rightwards arrows :twisted_rightwards_arrows: 🔀
clockwise rightwards and leftwards open circle arrows :repeat: 🔁
clockwise rightwards and leftwards open circle arrows with circled one overlay :repeat_one: 🔂
black right-pointing triangle :arrow_forward:
black right-pointing double triangle :fast_forward:
black right-pointing double triangle with vertical bar :track_next: --
black right-pointing double triangle with double vertical bar :play_pause: --
black left-pointing triangle :arrow_backward:
black left-pointing double triangle :rewind:
black left-pointing double triangle with vertical bar :track_previous: --
up-pointing small red triangle :arrow_up_small: 🔼
black up-pointing double triangle :arrow_double_up:
down-pointing small red triangle :arrow_down_small: 🔽
black down-pointing double triangle :arrow_double_down:
double vertical bar :pause_button: --
black square for stop :stop_button: --
black circle for record :record_button: --
eject symbol :eject: ---
cinema :cinema: 🎦
low brightness symbol :low_brightness: 🔅
high brightness symbol :high_brightness: 🔆
antenna with bars :signal_strength: 📶
vibration mode :vibration_mode: 📳
mobile phone off :mobile_phone_off: 📴
black universal recycling symbol :recycle:
name badge :name_badge: 📛
fleur-de-lis :fleur-de-lis: --
japanese symbol for beginner :beginner: 🔰
trident emblem :trident: 🔱
heavy large circle :o:
white heavy check mark :white_check_mark:
ballot box with check :ballot_box_with_check:
heavy check mark :heavy_check_mark:
heavy multiplication x :heavy_multiplication_x:
cross mark :x:
negative squared cross mark :negative_squared_cross_mark:
heavy plus sign :heavy_plus_sign:
heavy minus sign :heavy_minus_sign:
heavy division sign :heavy_division_sign:
curly loop :curly_loop:
double curly loop :loop:
part alternation mark :part_alternation_mark:
eight spoked asterisk :eight_spoked_asterisk:
eight pointed black star :eight_pointed_black_star:
sparkle :sparkle: -
double exclamation mark :bangbang:
exclamation question mark :interrobang:
black question mark ornament :question:
white question mark ornament :grey_question:
white exclamation mark ornament :grey_exclamation:
heavy exclamation mark symbol :exclamation:
wavy dash :wavy_dash:
copyright sign :copyright: © --
registered sign :registered: ® --
trade mark sign :tm: -
keycap number sign :hash: #⃣ -
keycap asterisk :asterisk: *⃣ ---
keycap digit zero :zero: 0⃣ -
keycap digit one :one: 1⃣ -
keycap digit two :two: 2⃣ -
keycap digit three :three: 3⃣ -
keycap digit four :four: 4⃣ -
keycap digit five :five: 5⃣ -
keycap digit six :six: 6⃣ -
keycap digit seven :seven: 7⃣ -
keycap digit eight :eight: 8⃣ -
keycap digit nine :nine: 9⃣ -
keycap ten :keycap_ten: 🔟
hundred points symbol :100: 💯
input symbol for latin capital letters :capital_abcd: 🔠
input symbol for latin small letters :abcd: 🔡
input symbol for numbers :1234: 🔢
input symbol for symbols :symbols: 🔣
input symbol for latin letters :abc: 🔤
negative squared latin capital letter a :a: 🅰
negative squared ab :ab: 🆎
negative squared latin capital letter b :b: 🅱
squared cl :cl: 🆑
squared cool :cool: 🆒
squared free :free: 🆓
information source :information_source:
squared id :id: 🆔
circled latin capital letter m :m:
squared new :new: 🆕
squared ng :ng: 🆖
negative squared latin capital letter o :o2: 🅾
squared ok :ok: 🆗
negative squared latin capital letter p :parking: 🅿
squared sos :sos: 🆘
squared up with exclamation mark :up: 🆙
squared vs :vs: 🆚
squared katakana koko :koko: 🈁
squared katakana sa :sa: 🈂
squared cjk unified ideograph-6708 :u6708: 🈷
squared cjk unified ideograph-6709 :u6709: 🈶
squared cjk unified ideograph-6307 :u6307: 🈯
circled ideograph advantage :ideograph_advantage: 🉐
squared cjk unified ideograph-5272 :u5272: 🈹
squared cjk unified ideograph-7121 :u7121: 🈚
squared cjk unified ideograph-7981 :u7981: 🈲
circled ideograph accept :accept: 🉑
squared cjk unified ideograph-7533 :u7533: 🈸
squared cjk unified ideograph-5408 :u5408: 🈴
squared cjk unified ideograph-7a7a :u7a7a: 🈳
circled ideograph congratulation :congratulations:
circled ideograph secret :secret:
squared cjk unified ideograph-55b6 :u55b6: 🈺
squared cjk unified ideograph-6e80 :u6e80: 🈵
black small square :black_small_square:
white small square :white_small_square:
white medium square :white_medium_square:
black medium square :black_medium_square:
white medium small square :white_medium_small_square:
black medium small square :black_medium_small_square:
black large square :black_large_square:
white large square :white_large_square:
large orange diamond :large_orange_diamond: 🔶
large blue diamond :large_blue_diamond: 🔷
small orange diamond :small_orange_diamond: 🔸
small blue diamond :small_blue_diamond: 🔹
up-pointing red triangle :small_red_triangle: 🔺
down-pointing red triangle :small_red_triangle_down: 🔻
diamond shape with a dot inside :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: 💠
radio button :radio_button: 🔘
black square button :black_square_button: 🔲
white square button :white_square_button: 🔳
white circle :white_circle:
black circle :black_circle:
red circle :red_circle: 🔴
blue circle :blue_circle: 🔵